Universal Masterbatches: our Kilips batch

  • One masterbatch for a wide range of different plastics PE, PP, PA, PS, ABS, PC, ASA, TPU, POM, TPE ...

  • Direct color matching and fast availability

  • Perfected process control

The Kilips batch is a color concentrate which is suitable for a wide range of polymers. Colors exactly matched to your raw material to be colorised, yet in color shade technically usable in other materials as well. The Kilips batch is the universal color masterbatch.

Compared to conventional masterbatches, lower color dosage in application is possible since the color concentration in the Kilips batch is significantly higher. It does not need any special storage, is very versatile and the carrier is absolutely physiologically safe.
Early melting benefits the production process and ensures a homogeneous color effect.

Your benefit: more efficient logistics and material management – greater economy. Contact us.