Auschnitt unterschiedlicher Reinigungsmittelflaschen


  • Distinctive products by tailor-made and effect masterbatches

  • Color masterbatches with extremely tight color value tolerances and a high degree of reproducibility

  • Compliance with statutory provisions

The packaging is not only a protective sleeve, but often the main criterion for the buying decision. Which is why its recognition factor is extremely important.

BATCHWERK matches the individual color shade of your corporate identity reproducibly to the point. We can ensure this among other things by our color database and our safe production processes.

Compliance with statutory regulations is as much a matter of course as health criteria, e.g. in food or medicine packaging.

Together with you, we identify masterbatches for all types of packaging – from extruded transport foil to the customised high-quality end product of your marketing campaign by injection moulding. Contact us.