Sechs bunte Kunststoffstühle in einer Reihe


  • UV and weather-resistant garden furniture in every color

  • Designer furniture in effect colors

  • Protective caps visually disappear in the overall design

Plastics stand an equal footing with other materials in the furniture industry ever since they have become known as a stable and durable material.

Outdoor furniture need to be particularly durable. This is where our combined masterbatches come in. The color shade you desire – furnished with the appropriate additives.

Do you wish to create translucent chairs, a glossy cabinet or an iridescent laminate? Coated surfaces can be given any effects conceivable.

Universal masterbatches colorise polymer covers, polymer screws, etc. in the same color shade as the furniture. With the guaranteed tightest color tolerances.

We will gladly advise you and develop new color shades and designs together with you.