Ausschnitt eines orangenen Batchwerk Farbmusterplättchens


  • Owner-managed

  • Experienced team

  • Member of the Association of Masterbatch Producers

In May 2013, we founded BATCHWERK GmbH. Our objective is the consistent focus on meeting your needs:
reliable and individual color matching, binding and fast delivery deadlines, know-how and experience in product safety, direct contact persons, personal service and unbureaucratic processes.
Our work in recent years has borne fruit: following an intensive and successful assessment phase, we were certified to ISO/TS 16949:2009 in 2017 at the very first attempt. When it comes to the production of masterbatches and compounds, we therefore meet the quality standards of automotive manufacturers and OEMs. The certification marks the highpoint in a series of continuous improvements in our system and process qualities and provides proof of our performance and process reliability. Download certificate.

A team of people who know exactly what they are doing work in our owner-managed company. All have many years of industry experience and decided to found a new company based on conviction – BATCHWERK.

BATCHWERK has been member of the Association of Masterbatch Producers from the outset.

Benefit from our experience and from the fact that we have listened to you and understood what you want. Contact us and see for yourself.